Mia Elmsäter is the co-author of Touch in Schools: A Revolutionary Approach to Replace Bullying by Respect and to Reduce Violence

Mia Elmsater's Book

Published in May 2009, the book is a proponent of the importance of introducing positive touch into school curricula and school activities to encourage positive healthy interaction amongst young children amd that positive touch is a very essential part of a child's emotional well-being.

Discover revolutionary techniques and applications on introducing healing positive touch into our educational system.

ABOUT MIA - CoFounder of MISP AND Board Member of IAIM

CoAuthor of Touch In Schools: A Revolutionary Approach to Replace Bullying
by Respect and to Reduce Violence

Mia Elmsater Profile PhotoThe Background Behind the Book

Stemming from their pioneering work with infant massage in their respective countries, Mia Elmäter in Sweden and Sylvie Hétu in Canada, there were extended requests for adopting the Massage in Schools Programme for various ages and situations. There were invitations to teach massage to toddler groups, day-care centers, preschools, schools and in nursing homes, as well as to give lectures in conferences, colleges and universities.

With the founders’ combined passion, vast experience, and training in education, including Steiner, Montessori, and educational studies, a very solid foundation of expertise and experience formulates the programme. MISP, the Massage in Schools Programme, which began in the UK in the year 2000, now has headquarters all over Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Argentina, and Canada.

As a leading member of the Education Committee of IAIM, International Association of Infant Massage, Mia Elmsäter and Sylvie Hétu educate and train both instructors and trainers globally. Together and independently they have created films and various programmes to support parents, teachers, educational and health professionals.


Mia is the mother of three boys and lives in Järna, Sweden. Mia studied sports in college in 1971 and took a training in Montessori education for day care children in 1984. She owned and ran an alternative day care centre for three years.

She became a qualified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) in 1986, pioneering infant massage in Sweden and qualifying as an IAIM Instructor/Trainer in 1990. Mia is a member of the IAIM Educational Committee and has served on the boards both internationally and in Sweden, as well as running the IAIM International Office for 18 years. She has also been a qualified Baby Swim Instructor since 1987.

In 1990 Mia, together with a colleague in infant massage presented the program in Romania. This led to the start of the Sunrise Day Care Center, which was the first centre in Romania to mainstream children with special needs. Mia created a sponsoring program for monetary support between Sweden and Romania.

Mia created and co-created several massage and touch programs, including “Tactile Stimulation” for children and adults with special needs, “Touch Therapy” used in nursing homes, “Child Massage” used in day care centres and “Massage in Schools” for children of school ages. Additionally, the massage program for day care centres has been introduced into Germany.

Mia has done volunteer work in neonatal units in Sweden, supporting parents and helping them to bond with their baby. She has also created a support group for parents who have babies born with Down Syndrome. She has created two videos, one for infant massage and the other for massage for infants, children and adults with special needs. Mia has also held several lectures and talks promoting nurturing touch during conventions for doctors and health visitors, health professionals involved with special needs and massage therapists.

Mia has combined her experience, together her colleague Sylvie Hétu, to create the “Massage in Schools Programme” and introduced it into the UK in 1999.