Mia Elmsäter is the co-author of Touch in Schools: A Revolutionary Approach to Replace Bullying by Respect and to Reduce Violence

Mia Elmsater's Book

Published in May 2009, the book is a proponent of the importance of introducing positive touch into school curricula and school activities to encourage positive healthy interaction amongst young children amd that positive touch is a very essential part of a child's emotional well-being.

Discover revolutionary techniques and applications on introducing healing positive touch into our educational system.

Comments From parents

"When my child comes home from school, I get a massage. Nothing is vetter than 4 year-old hands." - Dad

"My son often had fights on the playground. While it occasionally still happens, he seems less aggressive and happier." - Mom

"Initially, we said 'no' to our daughter participating in this activity. Eventually, we saw that she was upset about not getting to be involved. When we spoke with the teacher and Instructor, we understood that our daughter had the right to say 'yes' or'no' and we immediately felt better about it." - Parents

"My son is in a special-needs class that iws int4grted in the school. His class learned the massage first, and they, together with the Instructor and teachers, implemented it in the rest of the school. My son's self-esteem grew, because this was something he could teach to the 'normal' children, and those children now have a different attitude about my son." - Mom

"I pay my 7-year granddaughter 50 cents to give me a massage." - Grandmother