Mia Elmsäter is the co-author of Touch in Schools: A Revolutionary Approach to Replace Bullying by Respect and to Reduce Violence

Mia Elmsater's Book

Published in May 2009, the book is a proponent of the importance of introducing positive touch into school curricula and school activities to encourage positive healthy interaction amongst young children amd that positive touch is a very essential part of a child's emotional well-being.

Discover revolutionary techniques and applications on introducing healing positive touch into our educational system.


"A wonderful course. I was not sure what to expect, but was not disappointed. I have been given the tools to teach parents how to massage their babies." - Nursery Nurse

"It's so much more than just massaging my baby. I can teach other parents as well. An inspirational training experiecne" - Full time mom.

"Being a male social worker, I feel I can reach the fathers whom I work with, possibly giving them another opportunity to bond with their baby, and realise the responsibility the have." - Social worker

"A wonderful, inspirational 4 days that have opened my eyes, heart and mind to the benefits of baby massagefor babies, parents/caregivers, families, comunities and the world." - Early Years Educator

"In depth, intensive training with lots of appropriate examples."- Police officer

"It has been fabulous, a real joy and mia definately inspires you to fel like you can do it!" - Family support worker

"Something I can bring into the NICU, helping parents to read baby cues, understand the behavioral states and something they can do together with their baby." - Head nurse in an Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit

"I feel lucky to have been taught a special skill that can be passed on to the parents I work with. I know they will benefit from it, as will their babies." Physical therapist working with babies having special needs

"Mia is very inspirational. her delivery of the course is excellent and she has the ability to put everyone at ease." - Teacher of massage therapy.

"This should be a part of the health/home visitors course. The Trainer was brilliant, encouraging, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. Everyone should have the opportnity of learning about baby massage." - Health/Home Visitor


Infant Massage Instructors Training - 2013:
January 8-11 Edinburgh, Scotland
January 24-27 Maui, Hawaii
February 18-21 Uddevalla, Sweden
March 5-8 Glasgow, Scotland
March 11-14 Glasgow, Scotland
May 8-11 Hong Kong
May 14-18 Hong Kong

June 26-29
Little Rock, Arkansas
August 21-24 Kansas City, Kansas
September 11-14 Springfield, Missouri
September 18-21 Edmond, Oklahoma
October 16-19 Dubai, United Arab Emirates