Mia Elmsäter is the co-author of Touch in Schools: A Revolutionary Approach to Replace Bullying by Respect and to Reduce Violence

Mia Elmsater's Book

Published in May 2009, the book is a proponent of the importance of introducing positive touch into school curricula and school activities to encourage positive healthy interaction amongst young children amd that positive touch is a very essential part of a child's emotional well-being.

Discover revolutionary techniques and applications on introducing healing positive touch into our educational system.


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Event Date

Infant Massage Instructors Training - 2013:
January 8-11 Edinburgh, Scotland
January 24-27 Maui, Hawaii
February 18-21 Uddevalla, Sweden
March 5-8 Glasgow, Scotland
March 11-14 Glasgow, Scotland
May 8-11 Hong Kong
May 14-18 Hong Kong

June 26-29
Little Rock, Arkansas
August 21-24 Kansas City, Kansas
September 11-14 Springfield, Missouri
September 18-21 Edmond, Oklahoma
October 16-19 Dubai, United Arab Emirates